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    Provisions about Product Warranty Period

    In accordance with the relevant requirements in the Law of the People's Republic of China on Protection of Rights and Interests of Consumers, Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China and Regulations on Repair, Replacement and Return of Certain Commodities, details about the warranty of Bull products are provided as follow:
    Product Category Component Type Quality Warranty Period Remarks
    Intercalation General arrangement 3 years Colourful, ordinary socket, plug, coupler, specially used for machine cabinet, surface-mounted socket.
    Earth leakage protection 3 years /
    Overload protection 3 years /
    Timer 1 year /
    Wise Cube 1 year /
    Accessories 1 year Fixed socket, wire coil, waterproof socket, etc.
    Lightning protection socket 3 years /
    Converter 3 years /
    Storagebox Socket 1 year /
    Transformer 1 year /
    Digital Superfine Products Anti-surge power strip 3 years /
    Multinational converter 3 years GN-L07/GN-L07U
    Office table 3 years 1 year warranty for table socket and vertical power strip (GN-V106U).
    Rubik's Cube Little White Socket 1 year GNV-UEB04W/GNV-UEB040Three-year warranty
    Accessories of electrical appliances 1 year Charger, data cable, car charger, wireless charger。
    Power bank 1 year /
    Headset 3 months /
    Wifi Socket 1 year /
    Hub dock 1 year /
    Battery Valid for 10 years /
    Wall switches Breakers 1 year (for malfunctions occur in 7 days after sales, customers can return the product or call for replacement or repair; for malfunctions occur in 15 days after sales, customers can call for product replacement or repair; if the problem remains unsolved after two repairs within the warranty period, customers can call for product replacement; if a repair lasts for over 90 days due to shortage of accessories within the warranty period, customers can call for product replacement; if a repair lasts for over 30 days due to the repairer, customers can call for product replacement).
    Ground sockets 1 year
    Electronic wall switches 1 year
    Weak power wall switches 1 year
    Mechanical wall switches 1 year
    LED Bulb 2 years 1. Free replacement within quality warranty period.
    2. For products to be repaired, only the damaged components can be replaced or repaired, whereas the return or replacement of an integral product is not allowed.
    Saucer-shaped Lamp 2 years
    Candle Bubble 2 years
    Light patch 2 years
    Gate lights 2 years
    Ceiling lights 2 years
    Ceiling-mounted lights 2 years
    Decorative lamp 2 years
    Flat panel lamp 2 years
    Light belt 2 years
    Light accessories 2 years
    chandelier 我years
    Living appliances Bath heater 3 years 1. During the warranty period, the whole lamp will be replaced for products that cannot be disassembled and repaired;
    2. Repairable products can replace or repair damaged accessories.
    Cool Overlord 3 years
    Fan lamp 2 years
    ventilator 3 years
    Smart home Intelligent lock 3 years /
    Intelligent switch 2 years 1. First visit to guide electricians for installation and debugging: ① less than 10 pieces: the door-to-door fee is 80 yuan, and the cost of product replacement is free; ② 10 pieces and more: the door-to-door fee and product replacement fee are free of charge;
    2. From the date of product purchase to 2 years: the door-to-door fee is 80 yuan, and the replacement fee is free of charge.
    3. Within 2 to 10 years after the purchase of the product: 80 yuan for door-to-door service and 50 yuan / piece for product replacement.
    Note: ① there is no need to pay the door-to-door fee for return and exchange;
    ② The cost of auxiliary materials generated in the service process shall be borne by the user;
    ③ After the sale of the products, provide lifelong technical support.


    1.These provisions about quality warranty period of the above products were implemented since January 1, 2017. Warranty period of products bought before this day should be subject to the warranty certificate and written commitment at the time of purchase, or be subject to new provisions if there is no certificate.
    2.The warranty period depends on the date on the sales voucher of the product. If the voucher is lost, the quality warranty period will be calculated since 6 months after the production date of the product.
    3.LED: For any quality problem occurs within this period, free replacement will be repair or available .

    The following cases are beyond warranty.

    Damage is due to customer’s improper
    use or maintenance, or product is
    damaged on purpose.
    The product is dismantled for repair by
    a customer himself or by a repairman who
    is not authorized by the factory.
    The product code is damaged
    or erased.
    Damage is caused by natural disaster
    or irresistible forces.
    Damage or loss is caused by factors in the using environment of the product (such
    as power supply, temperature, humidity, etc.) which get out of control.

    PROVISIONS ON GOODS RETURN AND REPLACEMENT OF GOODS(subject to the new national 3-guarantee policy)

    1.Products which can be returned without any reason in 7 days: products bought on JD.COM, TMALL.COM or other online stores; the electronic products with USB, WiFi; accessories of electrical appliances
    (charger, data wire, car charger, etc.).
    2.In case of malfunctions within 15 days after sales, the product can be replaced or repaired.
    3.If a product is still defective after more than two repairs, then this product can be replaced.
    4.Within the quality warranty period, the product bought from offline stores can be returned, replaced or repaired by directly contacting the seller; the product bought on JD.COM, TMALL.COM or other online
    stores can be returned or replaced by directly contacting the online seller.
    5.For damage that belongs to any of the indicated cases which are beyond warranty, the company has no responsibility for free repair or replacement of product.
    Bull Group and each incorporated corporation reserve right for the final explanation of the above provisions.


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